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Contact Lens Fitting & Exam

The Road to Comfortable Vision Starts with the Perfect Contact Lens Fit.

A 60-Minute Exam for a Lifetime of Comfortable Vision

Just like glasses which must be properly designed and fitted to provide the best vision, contact lenses should be tailored for every pair of eyes. Advancements in technology mean that lenses can now replace glasses in correcting the vast majority of refractive eye problems – and that’s just one of their many benefits!

Contact lenses with the perfect fit will blend seamlessly into your life; you wouldn’t know they were there if not for the crystal clear vision they offered you. For those to whom glasses are an inconvenience or even a potential hazard (such as athletes), contact lenses offer the ideal solution.

When it Comes to Contact Lenses, Precision is King

At Westmount Optometrists & Glencoe Optometrists, we’ve been using advanced imaging and optometric equipment for many years and offer a technical precision which you won’t find in too many other practices. Our doctors have expertise in providing the best possible lens recommendation for your vision and lifestyle.

Your Lens Fitting – Done & Dusted in Under an Hour

It’s important to assess your overall eye health with a comprehensive exam to ensure your eyes are healthy and suitable for contact lenses.

A critical part of the exam is performing a detailed assessment of your eye shape, size and prescription needs. Contact lenses should fit the eye perfectly, with absolutely no discomfort or irritation, and our team is well-equipped to deliver your ideal lens.

With over 35 years’ experience in contact lens fitting, we understand that some lifestyles are better suited for them than others. Certain types of allergy or recurring eye condition (such as dry eye syndrome) can make contact lenses an unsuitable option.

In terms of day-to-day living, it’s important to establish whether or not frequent replacement lenses (which are removed nightly, cleaned and disinfected) or daily disposable lenses will best suit your needs. All these details can be obtained from a fairly quick, informal chat during the exam.

There are significant differences between lens designs and materials, so we may need to try a few different options before determining your ideal lens. It’s not uncommon to try multiple designs.

We’ll often send you home with a “diagnostic” pair of lenses which you should wear throughout the day. Try to think about your eye comfort and vision quality each day, so we know whether or not they are suitable for the long term!

A Little Extra Information About Your Lenses

Whether you are astigmatic, myopic or hyperopic, prescription contact lenses are now available to correct your vision. For anyone worried that lenses wouldn’t be as effective as their glasses – don’t be! Contact lenses can offer vision correction that is as good (or better) as traditional eyeglasses.

Not all contact lenses were created equally, and the length of time each pair will last can vary. Daily disposable lenses are consistent, as they are discarded every night and replaced with a fresh pair in the morning.

There are also longer-term lenses which can be worn for days or weeks without replacement. We’ll discuss your preference and see which is more suited to your lifestyle, before supplying all the information you need to maintain your lenses.

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