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Laser Corrective Surgery Consultation

Get The Most from Your Eyes with Corrective Laser Eye Surgery

Live Your Life Without the Hassle of Contact Lenses or Glasses

Contact lenses are an astounding technology which restore full vision without cumbersome glasses, but wouldn’t you rather do away with corrective lenses all-together? Corrective laser eye surgery is performed on around 75,000 Canadians every single year and the success rates are through the roof.

Contact us today to arrange a consultation, and we’ll see if surgery is a viable option for you and your vision!

How Does Laser Surgery Work?

The most effective and commonly practiced laser eye treatment today is LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) and it is performed thousands of times every year in Canada.

A small flap is made in the cornea, which allows the surgeon to access the internal structure of your cornea. An extremely precise laser is then used to gently reshape your cornea as required to correct your myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism.

While LASIK is the most common, there are other options which could be used if, for any reason, LASIK was not a suitable method.

PRK is both conducted in a similar manner: the front layer of the cornea is removed (it grows back in a few days) and a focused laser is used to gently reshape the surface of your cornea.

ICLs (implantable contact lenses) or CLE (clear lens extraction) are methods of correcting your vision by implanting lenses or replacing your own natural lens inside your eye.

Side effects and complications are uncommon, but do occur. Get in touch if you observe any of the following symptoms after surgery:

  • Discomfort in your eye or mild pain
  • Any infection
  • Blurred vision
  • Partially corrected vision

What to Expect From Your Consultation With Westmount and Glencoe Optometrists

The first thing we’ll do is discuss and assess your eye health: not everyone is a suitable candidate for laser surgery, so we’ll establish your options during a comprehensive eye exam. If all goes well, we’ll arrange a consultation for surgery where you will have further surgery specific testing done and have any additional questions answered about the procedure or your recovery.

The surgery can take up to couple of hours overall, although the laser can be active for as little as 20-50 seconds per eye. It is usually a very quick, simple and comfortable process.

We will follow you closely after surgery to make sure your recovery is proceeding well. The frequency of your post-operative appointments will depend on the procedure you have had and how well you are healing. Complications from surgery are rare, but if you have any concerns, be sure to give us a call. We are here for you!

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