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Emergency Eye Care

Dealing with an Eye Emergency? Contact Us Immediately for Quick Diagnosis & Essential Treatment

When it Comes to Eye Emergencies, Nothing Should be Left to Chance

Eye emergencies come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter what sort you are dealing with, you must visit an eye specialist (hello!) immediately. Only expert optometrists can locate the exact source and diagnose the effects of your eye emergency on your overall eye health, so please pick up the phone and give us a call.

Common Types of Eye Emergencies

Blunt trauma is not uncommon in sports (like an accidental kick to the head, or even a bat) or the workplace, and they must be checked out immediately. If there is an open wound or similar injury which requires surgical attention, go to straight to the emergency room. For bad black eyes or irritating foreign objects in the eye, give us a call so we can give you a full exam.

Many chemical burns can be treated and managed, and quick action can mean your eyesight is not permanently affected. If you experience any kind of chemical burn to your eye:

  • Determine the nature of the chemical that has caused the injury. Some chemicals should be flushed with water while other chemical burns may be made worse by irrigating with water.
  • If flushing with water is indicated, immediately start running your open eye under cool tap water (or jump in the shower).
  • Continue to do this for 15 minutes. It will help remove irritating particles or residual chemicals.
  • Call our practice and tell them what’s happened. If no one is available, journey to the nearest emergency room with some kind of solid guard over your eye: a plastic cup or pair of glasses works well. If possible, take the chemical with to accelerate the diagnosis.

Chemicals with a high pH level can penetrate into the eye and cause serious, permanent damage to your vision, so swift and immediate action is a necessity.

This is one of the types of illnesses commonly known as pink eye (or red eye) and can be highly uncomfortable. The surface of your eye can become swollen, red, irritated and itchy – do not rub it. It is a very common affliction during the winter months, and symptoms will normally disappear within 2-3 weeks; you usually just have to let things run their course.

We will give you a comprehensive exam to confirm the diagnosis and search for any other eye problems. There are certain management options, such as cold compresses or eye drops, that will help relieve the discomfort from your symptoms. You will remain contagious for up to a week after developing symptoms, so we will also advise on how to limit your chances of spreading the illness to others.

Floaters are a normal part of life, and very common as we age. If you notice a sudden increase in size, quantity or frequency of floaters, this could indicate a serious underlying condition and you should contact us immediately for an exam.

To the contrary, flashes are not a natural occurrence and suggest some kind of internal trauma to your retina or optic nerve, so any flashes should be followed by a visit to our practice, just to make sure that everything is okay.

Occasionally, some people will experience a sudden impairment of vision (or even total blindness). This could be in one, or both, eyes. If this happens to you or anyone you know, time is of the essence and you should give us a call immediately. Our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment make us your best option for diagnosing and treating the problem as quickly as possible.

Frequently, when your vision is lost, it will stay lost. Quick, proactive action is the best way to try and reverse whatever condition has caused your impairment and return your vision to normal.

Is Your Vision at Immediate Risk?

We understand that eye emergencies can be frightening, and any problem which has stopped you being able to see (even if it’s just because you can no longer open your eye) means your vision could be at risk of permanent impairment. You should call our practice immediately. If none of our doctors are free to help, you should travel to the nearest urgent care or emergency room and seek treatment.

If it is a chemical burn to the eye, open that “chemical burn” tab above (or below if on mobile), read and follow the instructions and only then journey to us or your emergency room (as appropriate).

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